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Main Coastal Attractions

Well marked via the established road, Innes offers amazing history dating back into the early century and some of the most unique coastlines and attractions in Australia.

The Gap
The Gap is a very impressive wind and rain eroded formation, cutting in a 60 metre vertical cliff face which is well worth visiting while you're in the park. Over a period of thousands of years the forces of storm and wave action have eroded the crumbling cliff into an impressive semi circle of cliff face. Divers are a frequent to this place where they are treated to abundance of sealife.

Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay is one of the pristine bays in South Australia. This small petite bay is a must see destination. While basking in the sun next to the crystal clear water you might just see some dolphins frolicking at the waters edge.

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Ethels Wreck
Lying on the ocean bed off the coast of Yorke Peninsula and Innes National Park are the skeletons of around 40 shipwrecks. All fell victims to the unpredictable storms that frequent the area over the years. Remains of the Ethel can be seen today. An interpretive maritime trail along the coast of the Park tells a tale of the tragedy, bravery and final agonising moments before these ships sank beneath the waves.

The three lighthouses in the park at Cape Spencer, West Cape and Peter Island (South Island - Pondalowie Bay) stand as reminders of the rich maritime history of the area. These lighthouses are still maintained and operated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as navigational aids.

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