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Wildlife / Birdwatching

The rare and elusive Western Whipbird, Psophodes nigrogularis, is the one you need to look out for. Previously thought to be extinct in the region, the bird was re-discovered in the mid 60s by diligent ornithologists. Although rarely seen, the distinctive call can be heard throughout the coastal heath habitats in the park. Also, Mallee Fowl, kangaroos and emus are frequently sighted in the park.

Other birdlife that habitats the region include:

Australian Magpie Cockatiel Hooded Plover
Australian Pelican Common Greenshank House Sparrow
Australian White Ibis Common Starling Little Penguin
Black Kite Crested Pigeon Magpie Lark
Black Swan Galah Marsh Sandpiper
Brown Thornbill Golden Whistler Pacific Gull
Cape Barren Goose Great Egret Peregrine Falcon

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